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Kalamazoo is an amazing town due to the many amazing people and things in it.  That is why it is so important for everyone in Kalamazoo to have great insurance!  With the thousdans of cars driving down popular streets like Westnedge Ave, or Michigan St, they should all have auto insurance!  Kalamazoo auto insurance is what you will find here, but that is not all...

There are so many homes in Kalamzoo.  They all would benefit from having homeowners insurance!  We at Cooper-Keel Insurance have many A rated carriers for home insurance in Kalamazoo!  Whether you're in a contemporary style home, victoria style, or anything else, we have home insurance for it!

Are you concerned about how your loved ones will manage when you're gone?  One of the best ways to make sure they're taken care of is with a life insurance policy!  We have term life insurance, whole life life insurance, and universal life insurance.  If you're in the kalamazoo area, we have kalamazoo life insurance for you!

One of the other fabulous aspects of Kalamazoo are the area businesses.  Cooper-Keel insurance has many commercial insurance options for any Kalamazoo area business looking for insurance.  We have commercial liability, property liability, garage keepers, commercial auto, commercial umbrella, and many speciality coverages.